Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oprah's Magazine

Mysteriously, O Magazine started showing up in my mailbox. We all know that Oprah is all about how beautiful we are on the inside as well on the outside, and this month's copy was no different.

There was an article/quiz in there from Dr. Oz in which the taker was to assess not her degree of beauty, but how she felt about herself as well as what she wants to be.

One of the tasks was to circle 5 things I thought were most true about myself from a list. I had a really hard time with that, but struggled even more with the next task, which was to circle 5 things on the list I'd like to be, with the results implying that if there's anything on the list that you aren't now but would like to be, it's possible to work on them.

It made me realize how crappy things really are with me, rather than giving me the hope that I can improve things the author intended.

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