Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On Life

I would love to say that I am happy, but really, I'm just not. I'm exceptionally dissatisfied. I am dissatisfied at work, which means I bring a lot of my unhappiness home. How much impact this has on the other aspects of my life, I'm not sure. I am dissatisfied with my marriage, but maybe that's because of my expectations. I wish we went out AT ALL, but we don't. A night out means either we go out to dinner (with the boy, to one of the many chain restaurants, AGAIN), or we go over to a friend's house. I am dissatisfied with my friendships, because I feel like I really don't have any. I have friends, but never see them.

I feel like we/I just don't do ANYTHING. We play with Alex, put him to bed, then sit and watch tv. Then we go to bed, maybe read a little, then start all over.

No wonder my life is so wrapped up in my frigging work.

I keep telling myself, "Maybe in my 50s," but this is really no way to live.

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