Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Building my goals

As I read and ponder Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project, things are popping into my head. I know these will help me to form my own resolutions and goals for my own project. Many of them are going to be the same as hers--the more I read, there are more and more ways that I am like her. But yet, my life is still very different, so of course my project will go in a different direction.

I'm not yet sure whether this will be a maternity leave project (which will go until September 2011, when I return to this point, that gives me 12 months), a 2011 project, or a "my 33rd year on the earth" project. Nevertheless, here are some things that have popped into my mind.

  • While I am a fairly clean person, I am not at all a neat person. I live with a man who is also not a neat person, though we are each better at some things than others. Many times, he does not do his chores and it drives me nuts--perhaps I should instead be in charge of those things? Though, then I get yelled at for not letting him do anything. How can I figure out a way for us to mesh better so that my desire for a clean sink meshes with his not doing the dishes by the time we go to bed? How can I stop this from making me angry and resentful either because it's not done, I hate the dirty sink, and it makes it more difficult for me to cook or because I'm doing it even though it's not on my list of things to do?
  • I am home with a small boy, who is many times very needy. This makes it difficult for me to get things done around the house and just take some down time. How to resolve these competing needs/desires? How do I just "Get er done"?
  • Similarly, how can I find a balance between my desires to spend time with my boys, my parents, my friends, keep a clean house, go to the gym, have some fun, and not need to go to work just to pay for it all?
  • How to find a place for everything?
  • I too often overschedule. I need to better use my calendar and more importantly, learn to say NO. Too often, I have to cancel a plan because I didn't check that I already HAD plans. Too often, I am running from activity 1 to activity 2, getting frustrated with someone (of course, never me), all because I put too many things in one day.

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