Thursday, March 3, 2011

February's a short month, RIGHT?

Dear Lord, I have been absolutely terrible in this happiness project.  In January, I did eh, ok, on my goals... no huge successes, but I did a few things.  February, however, was terrible.  I didn't do any of my pre-established goals.

So, moving forward, it's March.  March is about FUN!  It's already started off in an organic way, and was suggested by hubby.  We are getting a  little concerned  about our three year old's tv habits--not what he watches, but that he throws a tantrum often when it's time to turn it off.  Frustrated, hubby said last week, "No tv on Friday."  I spun it into Family Game Night!  No tv's on Friday, instead, we're going to do something fun together between dinner and bedtime.  One of us will pick what we do--go swimming, go bowling, etc.  I even put it on our Blackberry calendars, so we HAVE to keep it.

Really looking forward to that ice cream social....

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