Saturday, September 28, 2013

Style me...

I found these on the clearance rack at Ann Taylor outlet.  I think I love them, but I'm really not sure how to wear them.   Shoes?  Top?  Accessories?  I'm envisioning a light teal top and denim jacket...maybe chambray.  I don't know about shoes though and welcome thoughts!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sept 27

dress is from Chaps for Kohls
Jacket is old Old Navy
Brooch is vintage
Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory
Boots from Aerosoles

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sept 26

I haven't posted this week, which has made me get the boys to school on time without yelling.  Hmmm.

Tuesday was Back to school Night, so I've been comfy rather than anything approaching stylish.

This is a dress I love, though I'm not crazy about the short shrug with it.  I'm feeling very anti-pantyhose, so chose black leggings.

I also picked these Target flats,  whcih hopefully work AND don't hurt my still sore tootsies.


Dress/shrug...last fall's Dress Barn

Leggings...Target, old

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sept 20- jeans day

Sept 19

Really not certain about this top.  I like it, but it hangs weird, and sort of frumpy on me.

It was a chilly day, so I wore this skirt from Loft a few years ago with some black leggings.  I tried it with pantyhose, but I loathe them, so went a little different.  I was wishing I had bright yellow tights, which would have been super fun.

I'm not sure the belt made it better or not.    I wore this with a black blazer for most of the day, because the room was chilly, and it's sad because it hides the fun stripes across the back.

Necklace:  Zulily 
Top:  Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Belt:  Target
Skirt:  Loft a few years agao
Leggings:  Target a few years ago.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept 18

I feel weird today.  I'm not sure if the belt works (fashion has it as "in" but I can never decide if it's stylish or emphasizes my Mommy belly.

I love this top, from Loft last year, but it looks like it's shrunk or maybe isn't made for said Mommy belly.  As I move, the belly shows.

I picked up the scarf at Target last year.  The belt is from Loft, and the sweater is from Target.  The pants are the same black capris I wore two weeks ago.  Earrings got another compliment today; they're from Loft.

I'm so glad to have layered today, since the morning was super chilly (car said 44 at school drop off) but my classroom is very hot.

Although I'm not super thrilled with this outfit, it's showing how I can put the same items together in different ways to have a completely different look.  Even though I will soon start wearing nothing but pants (I can't find the tights I hoped to use to transition from summer to fall!!), this is what will keep it feeling fresh, I hope!

I also am starting to recognize that pulling my hair back in some way helps with the frumpiness I'm feeling!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept 17

Really awkward pixie grow out day today.

I really liked how the cardi looked with this top on the hangers, but it's a bit short, I think.  I don't know.

I've gotten a ton of compliments today, though I was sort of nervous about the boot tuck.  I did what we used to call a French cuff in the 80s to tuck my pants in, then brought my knee hi socks up and over.  It kind of is blousing at the top of the boot, so I feel a little Gestapo-esque, but I guess everyone loves it.  The compliments and the more modern style has me feeling more confident in general, on a not so hot body day.

Pants--really old NY & Co
Wrap top--NY & Co last year
Short necklace--older NY & Co
Longer necklace--Loft last year
Boots (super comfy)--Aerosoles Big Finale

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16

This photo is horrible, but these are my Target purple flats today.  They are not the most comfortable; their soles are so flat and my heels are achy.  But they're cute and give me a nice pop of color.

I get so many compliments on this top. It's from forever ago (I believe it was in between children, so probably 2008 or 2009) from Dress Barn.  You can't really see it, but it's got yellow and white polka dots.  I love to wear this with jeans.

Pants are Loft's Marissa from last year, I believe.

I thought another little pop of color would be nice and wore my found again earrings from Pandora.

Selfie!  I was hoping the look to the side would work, but clearly it does not.  Here's my hair today as I try to grow out my pixie.  My last hair cut was only a few weeks ago, but it's not growing out so nicely, and I've been clipping it almost every day.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sept 13: jeans day

First jeans day of the year.   I tend to wear more Mom like jeans to work.  This is Old Navy Flirt from 2008.  Top is last season's Loft.  I love the pop of yellow, a set I got the other day at Burlington Coat Factory, but I got a ton of compliments on the necklace, which came from Kohls a Black Friday or two ago.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sept 12

My sons insisted on taking pictures this morning; this was the only non blurry picture.

We've been having a so called by the weathermen "return to summer" (cough cough... it's still summer!!) and yesterday was 97 degrees.  Needless to say, my window-less room and being inside from 7am till 3 had me very surprised when I walked outside.

So today called for a sleeveless shell with a cardi.  I love this plum color, but am always looking for the "right" way to wear it.  I pretty much always pair it with this necklace and earring set I picked up from Kohls.

I love this cardigan, which I was really surprised to find last year at Coldwater Creek.  This is not a store I usually even go into, but last year on a surprise "business trip," (teachers very rarely have such things), I found myself in need of a top and found this in the clearance racks.  I love how it's so swingy.

The top is also from last year (most of my clothes seem to be) from Loft.  Pretty basic.

The shoes are among my favorites.  I often get compliments on them and they're REALLY comfortable.  They're Merrells and considered "barefoot" shoes.  

I'm also wearing a basic pair of Khakis from Dockers.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept 11

Like September 11, 2001, today is a gorgeous day.  It's expected to reach highs near 90.  As all teachers know, one can never predict the temperature of her classroom, so it's a sleeveless dress with a blazer over kind of day.

Here's my red, white, and blue, which is a pin that used to belong to my grandmother.

I just picked up this dress and blazer from Kohls' Lauren Conrad line (dress, blazer).  I've been waiting anxiously for the right day to wear the dress (I was going to wear it to a recent party, but the big don't steal me tag was still attached), so this weather screamed for it.

I love that it is the absolutely perfect length for my petite frame; just above the knee.

Here's the dress minus the blazer.

I struggled with accessories, but was super happy to note that these earring and bracelet coordinated with the colors in the dress.  Low key, but really make me feel good.

And for shoes, I had to go with heels.  I completely love these Aerosoles, which are super pretty, make me really tall, and are very comfortable, even for my wide feet.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 10

Today's outfit feels frumpy again.  
I like the trousers, which are Loft's Marissa fit from last year, and I like the top, which is Loft from a clothing swap so it's really old.  I like the blazer, which I bought years ago at JC Penney, and I love the bubble necklace, which I just got from zulily.  I think it's the shoes; comfy low heels makes me feel sort of marmy.

Here's a photo from Polyvore
I may be regretting the bubble necklace.  Not that I don't love it; I do!  I'm regretting not getting a different, "pop" color.  I have a lot of teal-ish jewelry, so this kind of goes into the mix rather than being a standout piece.  I also think black pants aren't working here, but I'm not sure what other choices to make.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9

I asked my 6 year old to take today's photo.  He, insisted on getting my shoes AND head in the shot, and just couldn't get it to be not clear.

This is one of my favorite top combos, but I can't sort out the best bottoms and shoes.

Necklace, Bracelet, tank, card, and pants--New York and Company, 2012
Shoes--Clarks last year (love these buggers; so comfy!)

Sept 6

I've been inspired by many fashion bloggers.  While I am certainly not one of them, I love the idea of keeping a record of what I wear, in the hopes of identifying what works and what doesn't.  A few years ago, I had what seemed like the perfect outfit--scarf, top, cardi... and have no idea which pieces they were that went so well together.

So here's the first picture I took.  This selfie was before makeup went on, but my hair looked way better here than it did by the time I got to work.

I believe everything you see here is from Loft, over the course of several years.  I'm also wearing an old (as in someone else's hand-me-downs) tapered Gap pants and wore purple flats.  Pretty happy with how the top part looks, though I'm not sure if the purple shoes worked or not.  Must invest in a full length mirror!