Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 10

Today's outfit feels frumpy again.  
I like the trousers, which are Loft's Marissa fit from last year, and I like the top, which is Loft from a clothing swap so it's really old.  I like the blazer, which I bought years ago at JC Penney, and I love the bubble necklace, which I just got from zulily.  I think it's the shoes; comfy low heels makes me feel sort of marmy.

Here's a photo from Polyvore
I may be regretting the bubble necklace.  Not that I don't love it; I do!  I'm regretting not getting a different, "pop" color.  I have a lot of teal-ish jewelry, so this kind of goes into the mix rather than being a standout piece.  I also think black pants aren't working here, but I'm not sure what other choices to make.

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