Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept 11

Like September 11, 2001, today is a gorgeous day.  It's expected to reach highs near 90.  As all teachers know, one can never predict the temperature of her classroom, so it's a sleeveless dress with a blazer over kind of day.

Here's my red, white, and blue, which is a pin that used to belong to my grandmother.

I just picked up this dress and blazer from Kohls' Lauren Conrad line (dress, blazer).  I've been waiting anxiously for the right day to wear the dress (I was going to wear it to a recent party, but the big don't steal me tag was still attached), so this weather screamed for it.

I love that it is the absolutely perfect length for my petite frame; just above the knee.

Here's the dress minus the blazer.

I struggled with accessories, but was super happy to note that these earring and bracelet coordinated with the colors in the dress.  Low key, but really make me feel good.

And for shoes, I had to go with heels.  I completely love these Aerosoles, which are super pretty, make me really tall, and are very comfortable, even for my wide feet.

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