Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sept 12

My sons insisted on taking pictures this morning; this was the only non blurry picture.

We've been having a so called by the weathermen "return to summer" (cough cough... it's still summer!!) and yesterday was 97 degrees.  Needless to say, my window-less room and being inside from 7am till 3 had me very surprised when I walked outside.

So today called for a sleeveless shell with a cardi.  I love this plum color, but am always looking for the "right" way to wear it.  I pretty much always pair it with this necklace and earring set I picked up from Kohls.

I love this cardigan, which I was really surprised to find last year at Coldwater Creek.  This is not a store I usually even go into, but last year on a surprise "business trip," (teachers very rarely have such things), I found myself in need of a top and found this in the clearance racks.  I love how it's so swingy.

The top is also from last year (most of my clothes seem to be) from Loft.  Pretty basic.

The shoes are among my favorites.  I often get compliments on them and they're REALLY comfortable.  They're Merrells and considered "barefoot" shoes.  

I'm also wearing a basic pair of Khakis from Dockers.

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