Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept 18

I feel weird today.  I'm not sure if the belt works (fashion has it as "in" but I can never decide if it's stylish or emphasizes my Mommy belly.

I love this top, from Loft last year, but it looks like it's shrunk or maybe isn't made for said Mommy belly.  As I move, the belly shows.

I picked up the scarf at Target last year.  The belt is from Loft, and the sweater is from Target.  The pants are the same black capris I wore two weeks ago.  Earrings got another compliment today; they're from Loft.

I'm so glad to have layered today, since the morning was super chilly (car said 44 at school drop off) but my classroom is very hot.

Although I'm not super thrilled with this outfit, it's showing how I can put the same items together in different ways to have a completely different look.  Even though I will soon start wearing nothing but pants (I can't find the tights I hoped to use to transition from summer to fall!!), this is what will keep it feeling fresh, I hope!

I also am starting to recognize that pulling my hair back in some way helps with the frumpiness I'm feeling!

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