Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Oct 18-pink day

A few days ago, I mentioned this pink top.  In a petite, my belly flashed every time I moved, but the same size in not petite worked well.

I don't usually go monochromatic with my outfits, but I mentioned that I'm loving these pants and they're way more fun than plain old khakis.

Shoes...One Stars from Target

Oct 17

A plain button down (though I love this color) feels very...well, plain.  But pairing them with this amazing pants (pretty color, flattering, and super soft) made me feel way better in this standard top.

I didn't go crazy with accessories, choosing a simple teal necklace.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oct 15

My first time wearing chambray.  Probably ever.  I wasn't feeling too confident about this shirt; I intended to copy this look  from Lilly's Closet:

but my chambray top is kind of on the bulky side and I felt really uncomfortable with the sweater over top.  Also, my classroom was on the warm side, so it worked much better without.

Anyway, I received a compliment on my top from the first woman who saw me this morning, so I felt much better.  I also got a few compliments on the flower peeping out from my belt.

I went 90s style with my boots, preferring to put them under the pants.  Much less Gestapo for sure!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Growing out the damned pixie

I've been trying to grow out my pixie.  It has not been going very well.  I'm frustrated, feeling UGLY, and staring at short haired girls.  My hair has not been long in quite some time.
August 2009

April 2010; not my most flattering shot ever.

And has varied in length since...
August 2010

It hung out in that bob for awhile in 2010 and 2011 until I chopped it all off sometime in July 2011:

July 2011

August 2011

I think this was one of the last times it was super short,

October 2012

For this cut, I went to a beauty school and said I wasn't sure if I wanted to grow it or stay short and the stylist said she was going to give me a pixie.  Ok.  But the idea to start the grow out process was there and this is starting to let it grow a little too.

April 2013

So I let it go.

May 2013

June 2013
July 2013
August 2013--I rocked that headband all summer.

Here's the cut I finally got at the end of the summer, after realizing it was in mullet territory for sure.  I definitely told the stylist I was trying to grow it out.
August 2013

So here's where I'm at today:
October 2013

I wanted to change things up, so went for this side thing, but am typically wearing my hair bobby pinned like this:

September 2013

In that August 2013 picture, I can see the bump that represents my shortest layer.  I think I'm going to ask for something like this next (and I am in need of a haircut already); fitting to link to Maybe Mathilda, who of course inspired this post.  She definitely had much faster progress than me!

Here's a style I loved, and it looks so great in the picture.  In my head, this is what I'm growing toward, but I really don't know what I want.  Advice?  Suggestions?  Which of my hairstyles over the past few years do you like best?

August 2007

Friday, October 11, 2013

Oct 11--Jeans Day

I started today in this top.  It's a Petite top from Loft.  I LOVE it, however, it's so short that my Momma-belly shows every time I move.  Not very professional or flattering.

So instead I wore this top, also from Loft.  It's so soft and pretty, I'm thinking about ordering it in another color!  It's charcoal gray, though it looks black here, and while it's also a petite, I ordered it in a larger size than the pink one above.

I decided after taking the picture to go with a purple scarf and purple flats, which add some fun to the neutrals.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10

Oh how some new clothes give so much confidence.  I just got a shipment of clothes from Loft, including this very basic white tee, super soft "denim" pants, and cardigan.  

Still not loving the pants tucked into the boots; maybe I'll figure out how to make that work without the bunching some time soon.

Also wearing a necklace from Sears last year.  Like the pop of teal?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9

My first picture actually in the classroom.  Another day of comfort and old stuff.  This is my uniform.  This sort of embarrasses me because I know I could do better, but budget and straight up tiredness are winning this game.

Blazer is super duper old... from Sept 2005 at JC Penney.
Top is old... from probably 2008 Worthington at JC Penney.
Pants are also old... Dockers.
Happily wearing fun socks for Halloween.
Shoes are my super comfy, super old, teacher shoes by Sketchers.

October 8

Again, going for comfort.  It's becoming clear that I re-wear pants.  Hope no one else notices.

Top is from JCPenney; I believe last year.
Pants are Dockers.
Shoes are my favorite Clark Primos.

October 7

Mornings have been nuts, and these haven't been posted.  Ah well.
On Monday, I'm back to old stuff and comfort.  

Necklace and bracelet from NY and Co, last year.
Top is super old; I think I got it at JC Penney.  Or maybe it was a gift.
Pants are Dockers.
Shoes are my trusty Merrills.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I don't generally wear anything I'd share on the weekends; my weekend uniform is really nothing to save for posterity.  But tonight we're going out to dinner with my parents and I want to defrump a little.

I ended up ditching the belt and wore my boyfriend blazer.  Yay for a full length mirror in my childhood bedroom!

Everything is Lauren Conrad for Kohls (jeans, top, blazer).  Belt is from loft, shoes from Target, necklace from Zulily.

Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4

Hello, Friday!  We have a very busy weekend planned--we're going out to dinner with my parents, staying the night at their house, then heading to Chowderfest!

I'm feeling a lack of inspiration in my wardrobe, but I do love love love this top.  When I bought it online, I didn't think I would like it at all (seriously?  leopard print?), but I LOVE it.  I also didn't think I'd wear these pants much, but it works great with this top.

The shoes are not my favorite, but they work so well with this top.  I love how they look, but they do hurt my feet after a long day of work.

The theme of this outfit is Loft meets Target:
Everything but the belt is from last year.

Top and pants--Loft
Shoes and belt--Target

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3

I didn't realize until I arrived to work that today is Picture Day, so I'm glad I dressed up a little bit in honor of the warm weather (it was in the upper 80s yesterday and the forecast is the same for today).  I love this dress; it's super duper comfy and I loved wearing it all summer with flip flops.  Since I can't wear flip flops to work, I went with my quickly becoming regular purple flats from Target.  I think I need to get a few more pairs of flats; red would have been fantastic here.

I saw these clip on earrings on clearance at Target and picked them up; they aren't super comfortable as earrings, probably because I'm not used to clip ons, but I thought they'd be great as a brooch.  The colors work perfectly with the purple in the dress, though I'm not sure about their size for a brooch here.  They might move to my ears for the picture.

As I mentioned, I had to go get my driver's license renewed the other day.  I've been feeling anti picture lately, with growing my hair out (bobby pins are again my best friends) and not having time to get my eyebrows done.  The license photo actually turned out pretty well, but yearbook photo day doesn't seem to hide these flaws.  

This dress is from Kohl's early this summer in their Daisy Fuentes line.
Earrings and shoes are from Target.
Denim jacket is super old Old Navy outlet.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2

Comfort is winning the war this week.  I've figured out a way to get my feet in the photo without fighting with my 6 year old, thought it's not especially flattering I guess.

Anyway, I"m wearing my lovely Converse one Stars (Target).  
My pants are again from Loft a few years back.
Tank top is really old; I think I got it at Loft.
Sweater is from a few years ago from JC Penney; it's Arizona brand.
Necklace from Kohls a few years ago.

And my husband says I buy too many new clothes; everything I wear is from a few years ago it seems.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1

I'm not thrilled with how today's outfit came together.  I LOVE this shell; it looks so fantastic with the blue suit I have.  But the cardi looks so frumpy, the belt doesn't look right either.  No jewelry today, so what you see is what you get.

I have to go to DMV today, after spending an hour standing in line with no success yesterday, so comfy shoes were high on the priority list; these are indeed comfy!  They don't seem to be sold anymore, but they're called Clarks Privo! Barclay.

So anyway, here's what I'm wearing:
Shell:  two years ago New York and Company
Cardi:  Target (old)
Belt:  Loft last year
Pants:  New York and Company (old)
Shoes:  Clarks Privo (old)