Monday, June 2, 2014


I've fallen into a serious style rut.  Mornings have been absolutely insane since the fall, and I'm really just plain old wearing the same old things anyway.  Some days are better than others, but there's really nothing to see here.

I do have a let's go shopping itch, which I've kept pretty under control all winter.  I don't think I've bought anything since Black Friday, settling in from "The Great Loft Disaster of 2013," when I bought an item three times(in different sizes) and missed the return window.  All are now hanging in my closet because I love the top, but the pain remains.

I was excited to pull these printed capris out when I went through my spring clothing.  Not only was I thrilled to pack away sweaters, but I've never worn these. I bought them at Ann Taylor outlet on clearance, and wasn't certain about them.  They are definitely not something I'd typically wear.  My husband probably commented that they look like Grandma's sheets.

But they're a sure sign of spring, a definite break from my typical style, and allowed me to jazz up the teacher uniform I've been wearing.  I can't really spend a lot on adding to my work wardrobe (especially with so few days remaining), though I need to replace a lot and fill in holes when the fall gets here, but I can challenge my style and go with pieces I wouldn't typically choose.

White tee, Mustard cardigan--Ann Taylor Loft
Belt and Shoes--Target
Capris--Ann Taylor Outlet

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