Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 13

No time for a photo yesterday, and the outfit wasn't really anything spectacular anyway... probably documented here somewhere already.

The same is true today, but at least I got a photo in.

I'm wearing my Pandora earrings, and a tee, cardigan, and pants from Loft.

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10

I've tried this before, the chambray shirt and cardigan combo. The sweater didn't work so well then (and I don't think I had a mustard cardi), and it's not working so well today either. My sweater is too small, I guess, and feels just weird on. But, I went with it.

So, pants are Dockers
Chambray is from Kohls, I think.
Sweater from Loft
Belt is Loft
Necklace from Jane
Wearing my frumpy brown clogs too.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hair, updated

I've been obsessed with my hair lately. Not really in a "wow, my hair is so awesome" obsessed way, but in a "I can't figure out what to do next" way. I have been admiring short hair for a few months, and I'm pretty sure I'm really just a short hair kinda girl, but I really love being able to toss my hair up in a pony, and I'm digging the tossing it over my shoulder thing too.

If you've ever tried to grow out a pixie, you know it can be a miserable experience. #firstworldproblems much? Yes.

I documented my journey, part 1 and part 2.

When this Timehop picture turned up today, I figured it was fitting to update with a November 2014.

So, without futher adieu, here's the November 2014 update. From super short pixie to below the collar in 2 years:
This photo was really taken in October, but so close to the end of the month that it totally counts as November.

Anniversary weekend!

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary in Atlantic City this weekend. We went out for an awesome dinner and I got dolled up. A nice blend of teacher wear and real life person wear... plus I am getting my money's worth on that Stitch Fix scarf I love! Apologies for the blur, darkness, and expression; my husband kept jumping into the mirror selfie.

Shoes: Payless
Jeans: They're blue though the black looks awesome in this photo: LC for Kohls
Top: Super old JC Penney
Cardi: Kohls
Scarf: Stitch Fix


October 30

A crazy morning. I'm heading into my comfort clothing all the time, so we'll expect some dupes from now on, m'kay?

Top is super old from Dress Barn
Flyaway sweater from Coldwater Creek
Pants from Loft
Shoes are Merrell

October 29

Ooooo, the wrinkles.

All old stuff.

Jacket: Old Navy. The elbows have holes, and I'm wondering if I can fashion a sparkly elbow patch and make it work.
Top: Loft; received in a clothing swap
Pants: Dockers?

October 28

Oops. Busted wearing the same pants two days in a row...

I just got this sweater and although I do not look great in white, I LOVE it. It does require a cami underneath, but it does look great with a long tank and leggings, which I wore on the weekend but didn't take a photo.

Scarf: Stitch Fix
Sweater: Loft
Pants: Dockers
Sneakers: Superman Chucks


We had family photos taken over the weekend, so I'm rewearing the outfit.
Pants are Loft
Tank is Target
Cardi from Kohls

October 24

Comfortable dressy

Top: NY&Co
Sweater: Target
Pants, I'm not sure
Shoes: Clarks