Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fabletics Review March 2015

I'm so in love with Fabletics, so here's an all Fab outfit. I've been a member a little over a year, and it has really inspired me to work out harder and more often.

Fabletics is a subscription service for workout clothing for women (as of now....) VIP membership is optional, but gets you discounted clothing, the ability to score free loot from rewards points, and other benefits. You do have to skip or buy each month (or $49.95 is charged, which becomes an outfit credit), but I've found skipping each month easy especially after setting a reminder on my phone.
Your first outfit is 50% off, if you sign up as a VIP (that can mean as low as $25 for a tank and capri), and I've always been impressed by the quality.

Today I'm wearing the Nehalem Falls outfit, which consists of the Ko Jogger Pant and the Breezy Tank. I'm also wearing the Sintra bra.

I really like the Ko in concept; they are comfortable and soft and the sheer stripe is a neat touch. They just didn't fit me correctly, and I haven't decided if I will try them in another size or not. In addition, the Breezy tank is just so sheer, that I was incredibly uncomfortable. I might wear something like this on a weekend, with a layering tank underneath, but that would be way too many layers for me to work out. Plus it feels way too large. So, in short, I'm returning these pieces and will reconsider the Ko Jogger if it comes back in my size in April or the Breezy tank in another color... We'll see what April brings!!
Check them out and use my referral link (!


cory pitchko said...

Im really considering the ko jogger pants but im having such a hard time deciding what size to order. Would you mind telling me what size you got and what length option you chose. Also how tall you are lol

CRS said...

Hey Cory,
This is a small in short length. I am 5'2" about 120lbs. Feel free to look through here to see.

cory pitchko said...

Thanks! Do you feel the small fits pretty tts or could you size down?

CRS said...

I could definitely size down. I take an xs in bottoms (new sizing) but wear smalls for fear of the laundry person shrinking it! This small was way too big.

But Fabletics has great return policy if you're in the US!

cory pitchko said...

Thank you for all this info! I definitely know what size im going to get now!