Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stitch fix #3

I felt it was time for another Fix! It's back to school time so I asked for items to transition back to work.

Never tried Stitch Fix? Here's how it works:
You pay $20 in styling fee, which is applied to your purchase. You set your style, tell them a little about yourself, set price points, then a stylist styles you. If you buy it all, you get a 25% discount. You can return it all (but then lose the $20) for free shipping.
In total, this would cost $224.50 (after the $20 is applied. It includes the pants, the dress, the blouse, shorts, and jacket.
Feedback on what I should keep is welcome!

Here's the nice note sent by my stylist this month, Jennifer. You can see all the pieces along with styling suggestions.

Here's the lovely wrapped prints!

Here are two pieces, the 41Hawthorn Kassim Faux Wrap dress ($68) and the Liverpool Kolten denim jacket ($98).

I was disappointed in this denim jacket, but tried it with the dress as suggested anyway. The dress looks amazing, but the jacket does not. I could really really use a new denim jacket, but am not paying $98 for it! I hate the light wash, and this is a no go, even though it was really comfortable!

So here's another piece, the 41Hawthorn Moni Abstract Chevron Stud Detail Blouse ($58). I really like a lot about this one, but it's a little tight across the back and I'm not a fan of gray. Plus, these photos show that it's sort of see through! I'm not sure on this one at all! Also wearing the Liverpool Paley Lace Printed Denim Short ($44). The leg holes are much wider than what I'm used to, and while I like the print, I'm not really on board with these shorts.

Here's the Moni blouse again with the most disappointing piece in my box. These pants are Kut From the Kloth Siena Cropped Pant ($58). I love them! Then I saw how long they are. As you might note, in my personal note, Jen said they are 25.5 inches in the inseam (I tend toward 26 or 27 inches) and should be perfect for me. They are not labeled petite (though I specifically requested petite pants, and as I said in a previous box, I have only been requesting because they now carry petite lengths. For me, 25.5 inseam is neither pant nor cropped, but floodwaters.

So I tried again with these, rolling the bottoms to make it more true capri (this is another top I was trying on). This made the situation even worse, making it appear that these pants are simply too large in spots and the 

So, I'm not really sure what to do about the Stitch Fix situation. I haven't been blown away, as I hope. I see that many people say Stitch Fix's goal is to get you to buy 1 or 2 pieces (and the whole business model really ensures that!), and while there is a piece (the dress) that I'm buying because I love it rather than trying to not lose my styling fee, I wish I could get pieces like what others have gotten! I might need to play with my profile settings again or something.

What are your thoughts? Did Jen do a better job than the stylists from Fix 1 or 2?

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