Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to School Shopping

Back to School shopping. It's a necessary evil at which I'm not particularly good. Additionally, I had my sons with me when I stopped at the Ann Taylor Factory, so I had a short supply of time and patience.

I want to look good and be confident but I'm also lazy and not very stylish. I tend toward a blouse and pants, sometimes with a cardi or accessory. I start every year wanting to break this rut and falling back into it by, oh, November.

So here's what I bought. What should I keep? My husband is not helpful at all with telling me what does and doesn't look good.

Up first, a dress picked my 8 year old son. This was 50% off and I had a coupon for 15% off, totaling $50.99. It's probably more than I would typically spend on a dress, but I think it looks pretty good.

Up next, a tank picked by my 5 year old son. I told him I'm not sure if I can wear this one to school or not, but he loved it, saying, "You can just wear it on Saturdays and Sundays." This was on clearance and final price is $12.74.

I have been seeking cobalt pants, so I was thrilled to find a pair that looks good and didn't cost a lot of money at the outlet. Final price $23.96.

I'm not sure about this top. I have it pictured here both out and tucked in. Also on clearance, this one costs $22.94.

 This pants are perfect. They have a neat little print that looks like black and white checks but also has a rainbow effect too! Pricier than I might spend, though, final price $47.59. You can also see the famed Lucky Brand Emmie flats. I've heard so much about these being comfortable teacher shoes, so I had to snag a pair when they were only $19.98 on Amazon. They're pretty comfortable, though slightly too long for my foot.

I was not sure about this top, but it was a great price. I think it looks pretty nice in the pictures, and will work well with my cream colored waterfall cardigan. Final price $16.99.

This sweater is another I wasn't sure about. The fit is great, but the neckline is strange. Final price $21.24.

I think I like this top, however, the price point is not one I'm willing to spend. Final price $46.74!

Please give feedback!?!

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