Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stitch Fix #4

Somehow I never posted my fourth fix! I requested a transition to fall box, and also indicated that I would love some things to challenge my comfort zone.

How does Stitch Fix work?
You pay $20 in styling fee, which is applied to your purchase. You set your style, tell them a little about yourself, set price points, then a stylist styles you. If you buy it all, you get a 25% discount. You can return it all (but then lose the $20) for free shipping.
In total, this would cost $224.50 (after the $20 is applied. It includes the pants, the dress, the blouse, shorts, and jacket.

What did you get?
Here's my "Style Card," which included a note from my stylist, Alyssa.

Since I waited so long to post this, I don't have the pricing.
 This terry dress was so unbelievably comfortable. So soft, but it really looked like a nightgown. I love the detail at the leg, but... does my belly really look that big???

 Here are three pieces I received. I really liked this cardigan, which was super soft and a great color plus had pockets! But the pricing is just too far outside my budget. Back it went.

This sleeveless top was just meh. It looks good with the cardigan, but it's not really flattering. Again, I had a hard time with the price to justify.

I really like this top, and it's what I kept. I really like how it looks with these olive skinny jeans too, but they were way too short and WAY too expensive for me to justify keeping them. But boy do they look great with those boots.

So, I was pretty frustrated after this fix. I liked a bunch of her choices, but in so many ways, they just weren't right for me. She did challenge me, sort of, and I kept the piece most different from other items in my closet. But I just cannot justify the prices for Stitch Fix, so I'm not sure if I'll order again... at least not until we start making more money!

With all that said, I really love the rush of getting something unexpected, and I really love not having to shop around. I also like having someone more fashionable than myself do clothes shopping for me.

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