Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Jeans Day! Half Day! WOOOT WOOT!

I love these jeans, but I struggle with how to style them. They're not really boot cut and they're not really skinny jeans. I'm not fashionable enough to have the sense to just "know" so I do what I think works, even if it doesn't.

Today's outfit features a Stitch Fix piece that came to me via a BST board. I received a white Moni blouse in a fix and loved it except that it was white and so so blah. When I saw this bright pattern, I quickly scooped it up.

The stud detail, though, made me think that a necklace wouldn't work. But it felt so bare without it, so I added a thin one. It really needed the chunky necklace!

I also wore this a few weeks ago with a belt at my natural waist, and received a compliment on it that way, but I could not get it to work the way I wanted today.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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