Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dressing Your Truth

A few years ago,  I stumbled across Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth course (DYT). I explored and signed up for emails, but never went any further. I was pretty sure I was a "Type 3," and took to heart her advice to wear earrings with a lot of movement.

I recently came across the course again when an online "friend" posted about it having changed her life. So I explored and signed up again.

I am really, truly, completely unsure which type I am.

Here's one of the  DYT ladies trying on all Four Types:

There's Type 1, which seems to be a fun and light person. Bubbly. JOY. Cute.

I've always been described as cute. I would never in a million years call myself beautiful or hot, and that's not me being my self-depricating self. It's just not who I am. Type 1 seems to fit.

But then I second guess. I don't really have a round face (Carol suggests that face attributes and body language are more accurate predictors of type than behavior). I sometimes walk with a bounce in my step, but only sometimes. I definitely don't think people take me seriously. I definitely don't giggle when I talk.

It's also characteristic of Type 1 to think all the types are fitting.

There's Type 2, which I'm pretty sure I'm not. I picture this as a quiet woman, who's often called a wallflower, even though she really isn't. Romantic. Sweet.

But then I second guess. I want to ask a bunch of questions, which is characteristic of Type 2. I apologize a LOT and I often start with "I have a question." Type 2 is most likely to ask others which type she is, and I've stopped myself from doing that about 100 times.

There's Type 3, which might be me. They're dynamic and forceful and BOSSY. They want to get to the point and don't really care for details.

Yup, that could be me. But I'm not as angular as they seem to be. I sometimes sit at angles. My face has the Type 3 smile lines.

I really struggle with this because I think it might be a learned behavior rather than who I really am. I don't know if I've always been pushy or if I've become pushy. This is really my struggle with committing to Type 3.

Type 4 looks great in black. Not me. They see things in black and white, which is a criticism my husband often makes of me. Their faces have a lot of parallel lines. Totally me.

So there's the face. I took some photos to try to figure it out better. Not the most flattering ever!

From what I can tell, my face points most toward Type 4, which seems least like me in personality.

I'm pretty sure I'm a Type 1. I'm silly and often told (or at least I was until a few years ago) that I look way younger than I am. I worry, though, about the lines around my mouth and eyes, which are Type 3 characteristics!

This photo sort of shows what I mean about the lines. I have so few photos where you can see me smiling at my fullest, goofiest, because I'm almost always wearing sunglasses; this is how self conscious I am about these lines!
A photo posted by @smallbutfeisty78 on

Some things that draw me to Type 1 include the aforementioned, but I have often said that I regret not having more fun in my 20s. I love to dance and be silly, but growing up has made that hard for me, as has not having a local support group... I'm not going out dancing alone, that's for sure. I would describe myself as goofy, and I like to think of myself as Tinkerbell, as Joy.... clearly I need to go back to a Pixie cut!
If you're interested in the course, you can take a free beauty profiling course to figure out which best suits you. It's clearly worked well for me. They also have a paid course, once you've figured out your type, to make you more beautiful in your style, hair, makeup, and jewelry choices.

The only conclusion I've made so far is that my long hair is not really fitting to my type, whatever that may be. Only the Type 2 seems to work with long hair, and I'm nearly certain I'm not type 2.

Have you tried Dressing Your Truth? What did you think? What did you learn?


The Astin Trilogy said...

We're not allowed to comment on people's types on the Type 1 site but i just have to be devil's advocate here. My hubs was convinced that he was a T1, but when it came down to it he didn't look great in the colors. He's a 3/2 so he has "softened angles" of the T3. I'm looking at all the outfits you posted and A LOT of them have T3 colors but all have T3 elements. Did you do the 30 day challenge as a T3? I honestly wonder if you first instinct was right. 1's and 3's are very similar in a lot of ways. Both love to entertain people and are social, both are active and high energy. The most important thing to do before ruling out a type is to fully dress that type for 30 days, hair, makeup, accessories...etc. Just my opinion, but I see a great deal of 3 in you.

The Astin Trilogy said...

Plus i think you look fabulous in T3 colors! :)

CRS said...

Thanks The Astin Trilogy!