Monday, December 21, 2015

December 19

The weekend! I didn't really care how I was dressing, but I did wear my hair in a high T1 ponytail, and I loved it. I loved whipping it around. 

I suspect the blue of this top is T4, but who would wear a Fraggles tshirt but a T1?

December 18

Not really sure that this is particularly T1 or T4, but I do like this top a lot.

December 17

I have never received so many compliments as I did on this day. I received compliments like crazy on this scarf, which I've worn a ton of times.

I really wished I had a bright red lipstick, because this outfit sure did call for it.

Maybe I'm T4 after all!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16, trying on T3

I've mentioned that I expressed my potential T4 on the T1 facebook group, and was asked if I could try on T3. I shared this photo:
and folks said they would love to see my face in these clothes. So, today's outfit recreates this outfit, with khaki colored pants and a chunky necklace.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15, Trying on T4

This dress has appeared many times on this blog. It is one of my favorite outfits, and seems extremely Type 4 with a 1 secondary. It has the black, white, red, and is a structured and fitted line, however, the pattern is extremely random.

Today I styled my hair like I've seen the Type 4 experts wear, a style I frequented when I was growing my hair out.

Type 4 overthinks, so I've been going back and forth with "Am I truly T4? I don't want to be wrong, again." So I asked a colleague. After briefly explaining Dressing Your Truth, I asked her, "Do you see me as a Marilyn? Or an an Audrey." She quickly respond, "Oh you're an Audrey for sure!"

I feel that I LOOK like the T4 expert, Kalista. She also expresses 4/1 energy.
This is Kalista. She has darker hair than I do, but I saw similar features between us.
When explaining the differences between Type 1 and Type 4 to my colleague, I remarked that I don't like bows and ribbons and "floof." She said it's because I haven't tried them to which I quickly responded, "I would just feel silly." I think this confirms it.

Oh, and my Timehop app had the following comment yesterday, from three or four years ago, "I cannot believe a big company like Facebook would use 'their' rather than the grammatically correct his or her."

Yeah, so T4.

But then I come back to this...

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, Dressing Your Truth Continued

I have been struggling with the idea of being a Type 1 type of beauty, the animated woman. While some of it seemed right, it did not all seem right to me. As a member of the Type 1 Facebook group, I asked how the women there KNEW for sure, saying:
I'm having a crisis of confidence in being T1. I know t1 is most likely to think they're all the types, so can you enlighten me on how knew for sure? I know you can't advise what I am, and I definitely am a goofball, but not seeing any of it in my face. Starting to wonder if I'm 4/1 rather than 1/4 (whose 4 has been bossing around the T1 part) or maybe something completely different. Any advice appreciated.

I received a bunch of advice that seemed to point toward the T4 type of beauty, the Bold, Striking Woman. As I've said, I would not use those words to describe me. But then....

I am extremely critical and analytical. I've been told I am intimidating and my husband often tells me I too frequently think in black and white.

When I considered purchasing the DYT course, I said to myself, "This will be my obsession for the next few weeks." Lo and behold, this is explicitly referenced in the information about T4.

Then I read that T4 tends not to mince words. They are to the point and concisely state their points. I took an exam on Saturday, and was VERY concerned because I finished with 30 minutes to spare while my colleagues said they were working until the very last possible second. Perhaps, as Carol Tuttle says, "It's just my nature."

So, I went back to the drawing board, quite literally. I drew on my face. One of the videos I saw mentioned that the eyebrow to nose line is a rectangle. 

I reconsidered my face shape (elongated rectangle) and the little divot at the center of my hair line... it's not a widow's peak, but maybe it is. It's certainly not evidence that my face is heart shaped, as I originally considered.

It's not obvious in the photo above, but my cheekbones parallel my jawline... such that I can feel it when I trace them together with my finger.

I reconsidered my behavior... I am absolutely comfortable being the center of attention. But there is a huge but here.... I discovered it when I received advice in the aforementioned Facebook group to find a candid photo. I couldn't really find one, and here's why: I'm ALWAYS aware of the camera. ALWAYS. So if I'm goofing off for the camera, it's because that's what I want to communicate.

I was not aware of the tongue sticking out....
So I tried dressing what I think T4 is today. I noted that I love the colors. I purchased this sweater in beautiful cobalt and was a little heartbroken to realize the color is NOT T1 and I'd have to return it.

So, how do I look in blacks? I love this polka dot top, so maybe it works. I've noted that I'm not full face smiling today, but more of a straight line smile as in the photo. I'm not sure that's very ME either! But I sure do need a great red lipstick!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10

After sharing yesterday's outfit on the Dressing Your Truth Type 1 board, I expressed frustration that maybe I'm not type 1 since few items in my closet are Type 1. Someone commented on this "winter white" sweater, so I chose that for today.

I also picked up this necklace on Black Friday. It's not something I'd usually have picked AT ALL, but I chose it for the circles. It jingles when I walk, something I've avoided for some time, but definitely a Type 1 feature in jewelry.

It's funny how tan these pants look in this lighting... almost nude even! But they're supposed to be a pinkish color.

December 9

Trying a different style of yesterday's top, both of which came in my Black Friday shopping, as did this super necklace.

I'm told the necklace is Type 1, the top is Type 2 because of the muted colors. I like the top better than I did in navy, but I still think it's not right for me.

December 8

I mentioned I joined Dressing Your Truth as a Type 1. This was probably the first time I tried to take the principles, but it just seemed off. The shape is correct, the randomness is correct, but I don't think the dark navy works well, and the burgundy pants are definitely not a Type 1, though they have become a staple in my wardrobe as I've tried to move beyond my "uniform" of black and khaki pants for work.

Beginning to wonder if my choice of Type 1 was incorrect.

December 5, part 2

Holiday party!

December 5, part 1

I had class on Saturday morning, so I tried to jazz up a little bit. But "jazzing up a little bit" still needs to be comfortable when in class from 9:30-3 on a Saturday.

December 2

Not really an outfit post, this is my Day 1 photo for Dressing Your Truth. I joined as a Type 1!

Thanksgiving! 11/26

Here's me trying to be stylish for Thanksgiving. This is a navy top with little coral colored polka dots and a ruffly neck.

Wow, my hair just keeps on growing.