Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, Dressing Your Truth Continued

I have been struggling with the idea of being a Type 1 type of beauty, the animated woman. While some of it seemed right, it did not all seem right to me. As a member of the Type 1 Facebook group, I asked how the women there KNEW for sure, saying:
I'm having a crisis of confidence in being T1. I know t1 is most likely to think they're all the types, so can you enlighten me on how knew for sure? I know you can't advise what I am, and I definitely am a goofball, but not seeing any of it in my face. Starting to wonder if I'm 4/1 rather than 1/4 (whose 4 has been bossing around the T1 part) or maybe something completely different. Any advice appreciated.

I received a bunch of advice that seemed to point toward the T4 type of beauty, the Bold, Striking Woman. As I've said, I would not use those words to describe me. But then....

I am extremely critical and analytical. I've been told I am intimidating and my husband often tells me I too frequently think in black and white.

When I considered purchasing the DYT course, I said to myself, "This will be my obsession for the next few weeks." Lo and behold, this is explicitly referenced in the information about T4.

Then I read that T4 tends not to mince words. They are to the point and concisely state their points. I took an exam on Saturday, and was VERY concerned because I finished with 30 minutes to spare while my colleagues said they were working until the very last possible second. Perhaps, as Carol Tuttle says, "It's just my nature."

So, I went back to the drawing board, quite literally. I drew on my face. One of the videos I saw mentioned that the eyebrow to nose line is a rectangle. 

I reconsidered my face shape (elongated rectangle) and the little divot at the center of my hair line... it's not a widow's peak, but maybe it is. It's certainly not evidence that my face is heart shaped, as I originally considered.

It's not obvious in the photo above, but my cheekbones parallel my jawline... such that I can feel it when I trace them together with my finger.

I reconsidered my behavior... I am absolutely comfortable being the center of attention. But there is a huge but here.... I discovered it when I received advice in the aforementioned Facebook group to find a candid photo. I couldn't really find one, and here's why: I'm ALWAYS aware of the camera. ALWAYS. So if I'm goofing off for the camera, it's because that's what I want to communicate.

I was not aware of the tongue sticking out....
So I tried dressing what I think T4 is today. I noted that I love the colors. I purchased this sweater in beautiful cobalt and was a little heartbroken to realize the color is NOT T1 and I'd have to return it.

So, how do I look in blacks? I love this polka dot top, so maybe it works. I've noted that I'm not full face smiling today, but more of a straight line smile as in the photo. I'm not sure that's very ME either! But I sure do need a great red lipstick!


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