Sunday, January 31, 2016

Makeup on a weekend?!?

My son and I went shopping on Saturdsay, and I wore makeup plus did my hair. Pink top, and I used Sumo Tech in my hair.

Sunday I went to a get together of a large number of girlfriends and wore the burgundy top. I actually was called "hot" by a very close friend. Whaaaat?! Maybe Carol Tuttle is right!

Friday, January 29, 2016


It's jeans day! I love these jeans from Lauren Conrad's line at Kohls. These are a style I seriously never thought to try, until my mommy friends started talking about how much better they are; jeggings. Same item can be seen here.

I went back to my old style of eye shadow, with the gold on the lid and the green in the crease. Tough to see in this photo, I know. I also added liner to my lower lid and WOW what a difference. My eyes seriously look more exotic with that small change. 

You can't see them in the photo, but I'm also wearing these earrings, also from Kohls.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


It's official. I've requested to switch to T3. I'm nervous that this may not be right AGAIN, but I'm so excited to learn how to do T3 better.

If I'm not right this time, I'm done.

Today I was nervous about the blue not being the right blue, but I think it looks pretty good. I love this necklace from my Kohls haul, and these brown pants feel SO GOOD.

I scrunched my hair today after my shower, after using some Paul Mitchell Thicken Gel I have from forever ago. Here's a secret... I didn't comb my hair after my shower in the hopes of keeping some wave/body. I'm sure my hair has straightened over the course of today, but I did try!

I also did my eye makeup a little different... I forgot the eye liner, and swept green over the lid rather than gold. My brush needed a clean so I didn't swipe the crease. It's Bliss Hey Four Eyes in Sage:

So, am I off in the T3? Or am I a feisty broad?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


We had a crazy snow storm this weekend.
I also got my hair cut yesterday.

I almost donated this sweater when I KonMari-fied my closet. It didn't feel right and I could never select the correct pants. But then I got a ton of compliments when I tried it yesterday.

So my hair is short, it's angular. I said to my stylist that the short hair shows that I need a brighter color now! I'll have to save some pennies for it...


I've been trying to find a great Type 3 green. While this camo works, it's really just not awesome for me. I need color.

I was excited to try these boots. I love them, they're so comfy and the moto feel makes me feel stylish. But they're black gray so they're not true. I've been searching for a leather paint color that will work. I'm afraid to pull the trigger on this... maybe I'm not a Type 3 after all... aren't they decisive? I so am not. Especially when it comes to spending money... because I AM a Type 3...

So I changed before leaving. A different sweater and necklace. Some blue and a different green (the one I need to find some tops in FOR SURE... I hope it's type 3 because it's lovely!
See how pretty the green is in the bracelet?

Then when I got to work, I put on my taller deep brown boots. These are actually part of my hesitation to purchase leather paint; I don't want to have boots in the same color! I have 5 different colors sitting in my cart right now....

Coincidentally, I received a reply on a DYT blog comment I made. The poster suggested that, without knowing anything else, this blog's title seems Type 3! What does that mean???

I'm feeling ready (but not ready, you know?) to send my T1 cards back. I'm feisty (it's my screenname after all). I took a dumb facebook quiz yesterday (Can we guess how tall you are?) and the results ring so true: "We believe you are 5'3" tall! You are a petite firecracker who uses your big personality to make up for what you feel you may lack in height. You are feisty, passionate, and an amazing individual."

Friday, January 22, 2016

Crazy Kohls Haul

So about a week ago, I posted about the crazy haul I got at NY & Co. That was pretty crazy, but it looks like almost all of it is going back.

I went into Kohls and just started grabbing items that seemed to be in the T3 color palette, without knowing anything else.

Here's what I got. The denim skirt is my own, but all jewelry was from this shopping trip. You can't really see the earrings I got well.

What do you think? How does this compare to the T4 haul of last week?

January 21

I felt crummy yesterday and went home from work early. After sleeping all afternoon and going to bed early, I feel much better today. I am really loving how my eyes look with this new makeup, at least how they look in pictures!

Eye makeup and with lip gloss and a smile.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21

I went on a T3 shopping spree at Kohls. It included makeup and jewelry. I did my eyes today with liner and shadow!

I'm still not ready to commit to a type, but I'm getting a lot of compliments on the T3 look. My husband even said he liked this cardigan, which surprised me!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm gonna pop some tags...


I tried a new thrift store to see if I could find some Type 3 clothing. I hit the jackpot on jewelry, but I ran out of time before hurrying to my next appointment.

This thrift store buys clothing rather than taking donations, so I guess it's really a consignment shop. As a result, there was the kind of clothing you'd actually want to wear rather than the kind of stuff you'd want to wear to a costume party.

So I picked up a bunch of jewelry, but they don't let you take them into the fitting rooms.

I'm told the dress on the left needs a different neckline and the sweater on the right needs to be more tan. I actually like the look on the left, but wish everything fit better (the jacket is too big, the sweater too see through, the pants sat poorly on my waist).

I am obsessed now with the need to cut and color my hair.

January 20


A student said I look nice today. I suspect it's because of the skirt.

I have a few type 3 items in my closet, but I suspect these items are not them (though the leggings probably are!) The jewelry is the kind I've stayed away from , sticking to silver. I  don't know if silver or if gold is "right" for me, ultimately.

I've definitely stayed away from the T3 style of jewelry as too wild for me.

Maybe I need a little more wild in my life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19

Carol Tuttle says a lot about our "Beauty Sixth Sense," that we are dressing our truth before we even realize it.

It turns out I have a lot of T3 colors (if not the styles themselves) in my closet. So here's my attempt today. How do I feel, though? I feel the same as always. This is what I wear most every day, so there's really nothing different. I love this necklace, and wish I could find the earrings, but it is much too small to be the T3 look.

And these are my favorite khakis, which appear to be the T3 color of khaki....


I'm very frustrated, and wish I'd skipped DYT altogether.

Another week, Another type

I may be a Type 3, Rich and Dynamic Woman.

I've tried Type 1, and it felt like I was faking. I tried Type 4, and I felt like it wasn't ok to be goofy.

So maybe I'm type 3. Why? Well, I have a good deal of the facial elements.

As you can see in the photo below (that guy is now 8.5!), I used to have a point in my eyebrow. It's since been threaded away. This, along with the swiftly rising eyebrow, is characteristic of Type 3; according to Carol Tuttle, ALL Type 3's have this trait (though other types have it too... sort of confusing). You can also see the triangular shape of my jaw, and the lines connecting my nostrils with the side of my mouth, which are more clearly defined in a Type 3.

I'm not sure what type my eyes are, since they seem to turn down at the corners...

I've analyzed my face a LOT in this process. It's kind of annoying.

With my current hairstyle, I am DEFINITELY not living my truth, as they say. I have kept it long out of laziness, and because of encouragement to do so by friends that I look so good in it. I've said before that I'm pretty sure I'm just a short haired kind of girl (I don't call myself a woman EVER, so maybe I'm Type 1 after all). At this point, I'm extremely hesitant to cut my hair because I don't want to be WRONG about my type.

But it's just hair; it will grow back.

But oh the money (Type 3's have a hard time spending money... I'm pretty sure I was raised this way since my dad sometimes seems like he survived the Depression)..

This resonated with me as I searched for Type 3 hairstyles. It's from Fabulous After 40.

  • "I am a very results-driven woman. I take action swiftly to make things happen and create a result.
  • I am a “Ready-Aim-Fire” person and can change focus quickly, but I always come back to unfinished tasks.
  • Type 3s are often called “intense” and “pushy.” Carol encourages us to embrace all the traits of our type and to use them to our advantage rather than see them as flaws. When a situation calls for someone who is a bit more aggressive and results-oriented, Type 3 women are your go-to gals.
  • Because Type 3s are so focused and often over commit, we become burned out by the many things we have going on at any one time."
I tend to think of myself as scatterbrained, another reason I think I could be T1. I pick things up and put them down...but forget where I put them when I need them. But that last bullet, about over-committing, totally and completely resonates. I often think I'm frazzled because I don't plan enough time for things, but really, it's because I try to do too many things at once.

So I tried Type 3. It's really tough since my hair is so off, and I don't really have any makeup to speak of. The ladies on the T3 unofficial board say the colors are great, but the pattern is off for a T3.


Friday, January 15, 2016

The Great Pixie Grow Out

I looked through old posts and decided to post an update on my Pixie grow out process. It's not really a process at this point; my colleague who often commented on how long my hair is getting has officially stopped commenting!

Here's the entire series. Post 1 documented the first six months, Post 2 the second six months, Post 3 documented two years from a very short pixie, or 18 months from deciding to grow out.

Now, it's long. It's to midback. I haven't gotten it cut in I don't know how long (I know I didn't get around to an August/September back to school cut, and haven't cut it at all this school year.. it's raggedy and I need a trim!). It's almost three years since I decided to grow it, in April 2013.

Now, to determine what NEXT! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Crazy NY & Co Haul

I went on an online shopping spree at NY & Co, and chose stuff I thought would be Type 4 through Dressing Your Truth. Some hits and major fails.

Pardon my sports bra.

I've had a crisp white blouse on my "to buy" list since Black Friday, and haven't found the right one.

This is the petite version of this blazer; you'll see the not petite version soon. It drowns me.

I ADORE this... it's a bit sheer in the white sections, but has ruching on the sides and buttons on the sleeves. I kinda love it with those pants too.

Help, I'm drowning!

You can't correctly see the blue. It's beautiful. But this isn't correct either.. note how red my lips look!

I ADORE me in this dress. But it's too dressy for anything in my life!

So disappointed these blue pants don't come in petite.
WHAT should I keep???