Thursday, February 18, 2016


I've made a no shopping pledge for the rest of the month, and hope to carry it on through the end of Lent. Since discovering DYT, I've been doing a TON of shopping, and have done a TON of returns.

I purchased this from someone on a BST page on Facebook. I have no idea where the blouse is from, but the sweater is from Kohls.

I got a compliment already that I look beautiful and adorable.

I wasn't sure which look to go with this morning, and chose the scarf, but decided the pants don't fit right, and went with olive green ones instead. I'm also wearing my refashioned boots, which look awesome.


I'm also calling turquoise/teal/peacock blue MY color. Now to get some more in my closet, despite that no shopping pledge.

I am so thrilled that I've committed to Type 3. Seriously... who knew???

Oh yeah, I did, having landed on Type 3 when I found DYT a few years ago, and then again this time... but being convinced by that "maybe you're not Type 3 but rather a 1/4 or a 4/1."

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