Thursday, February 4, 2016


I've learned that it's true to my Type 3 nature to not like to visit fitting rooms. I grab an armful of stuff and try it on at home then return what doesn't work for one reason or another.
I also love online shopping, especially since discovering Ebates (from which I've earned nearly $800.. if you're not using it, why the heck not???).

As a result of all this, I am ticked off by vanity sizing. These pants are perfect, except the waist is too large. They look minty in the picture, but they're olive.

I love this blouse, also from Kohls. It's really soft and great, but I'm not sure if this green works close to my face.

I'm seriously jonesing for a peacock blue cardigan, and some more leopard print. I wasn't super thrilled with the animal print in the blouse I wore the other day, perhaps due to the large amount of black in the animal print. I'm considering a purchase from the DYT store, but am hesitant because my last purchase cost nearly $20 to return! (It looks like I never posted about those outfits... must do!)

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