Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I received a message yesterday that I should consider Type 4 rather than Type 3. We know that Type 4 worked for me, at least the clothing sort of did, but that it just didn't feel RIGHT.

And I think this is why I had such a rocky road of finding my type. When it comes to facial profiling, my face is not CLEARLY one type. I've asked on the unofficial boards, and have been pointed toward pretty much every type (including type 2, which is absolutely, positively, 100% NOT me....)

So today is animal print day on the official Type 3 board. I'm wearing it in my scarf and my handy Up wristband. I purchased this top from a Buy Sell Trade board on Facebook. I like it, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't really "go" with my Type 3 card.

Since I'm a bit rebellious, I've decided that the things that I LIKE and that LOOK GOOD, whether they're DYT appropriate or not, should be KEPT.

The 4 is strong with this one, for sure, but not the dominant I think.

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