Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I haven't had time (or energy) in the mornings to take a picture of my outfits. I've even had some pretty good ones.

I'm really fired up about the election and the results, true I suppose to my nature. But it's very draining. We have a lot going on right now and I'm just struggling to keep up. As part of our house selling process, we hired someone to clean the house every other week, and while I cringe at the cost, it has afforded me downtime I wouldn't have otherwise.

So my self care goals moving forward:

  • Turn off my phone at 8. Take some downtime, vegging in front of the tv or reading.
  • Turn off the tv and start the process for bedtime/morning at 9. 
  • Stop going to open houses. Wait for the current house to sell first.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I had a great outfit yesterday that I didn't have the time to photo. Maybe I'll do a laydown tonight.

Today, I couldn't get a normal looking photo.

Really need to start thinking about what I want for a haircut. It's been since OCTOBER!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I've been taking my tops from one side of my closet to the other to spread out what I'm wearing. I really wanted to wear peacock, and so layered it over this lace top I bought. I then chose these pants, which I don't really wear because they're too long (in fact, the sneaker I wear on my left foot isn't tall enough and the pants are dragging). I also, since discovering and really digging into this type thing, don't really wear too many of these dress pants any more. I have found I prefer a tighter pant to the loose ones I've always favored in the past.

I am still on a quest for more earrings. I love this leather cuff I bought from the DYT store.

Friday, January 6, 2017


When I started using this blog as an OOTD kind of thing, I always cut my face out. I hated how it looked. Now, even when I don't love how my face turns out in a photo, it still looks pretty good...


I used to have this hat (by used to, I mean last year... it's disappeared). This hat was a bomber hat, so so warm. I bought it at Walmart for only $9. When I bought it, I thought I looked ridiculous, but it was a polar vortex and I was gonna be warm. It actually was a pretty good style for me, despite comments from my husband, and was so warm.

So when this hat disappeared, I figured it was time to buy something more to my "type." I asked on the facebook group and was recommended the hat below. I tried to like it, but I wasn't sure. My husband and older son said it wasn't a good look. 
Buy it here.

I complained to my husband that I never look good in hats, and he said I look good in baseball hats, specifically mentioning my Flyers hat.

So, I turned to back to Amazon and bought these hats: 
Buy it here.

Buy it here

Buy it here.

One of these is the winner... can you guess which? I also bought this hat, thinking the flower would be better than the first, but it was clearly horrible.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Happy New Year!

I had toe surgery on Friday, and getting dressed has been tough because I'm in this bandage and have this horrible black shoe. I can assure you that I hate not being able to do stuff.

So here's today's outfit. Not long ago, I said that no, leggings and a tunic aren't really teacher appropriate, but here I am wearing them as a teacher.

 And here's a horrible picture that includes the horrible shoe!


I didn't dress my truth over the break and it frankly felt lovely and comfy. I had foot surgery the day before New Year's Eve, so here's what I wore. After last year's NYE, I still wanted something sparkly. Since I didn't start looking until, oh, December 30 (that's right, right after surgery), I didn't find anything that fit the bill, but this top from Kohls was fantastic in color and texture!