Friday, January 6, 2017


I used to have this hat (by used to, I mean last year... it's disappeared). This hat was a bomber hat, so so warm. I bought it at Walmart for only $9. When I bought it, I thought I looked ridiculous, but it was a polar vortex and I was gonna be warm. It actually was a pretty good style for me, despite comments from my husband, and was so warm.

So when this hat disappeared, I figured it was time to buy something more to my "type." I asked on the facebook group and was recommended the hat below. I tried to like it, but I wasn't sure. My husband and older son said it wasn't a good look. 
Buy it here.

I complained to my husband that I never look good in hats, and he said I look good in baseball hats, specifically mentioning my Flyers hat.

So, I turned to back to Amazon and bought these hats: 
Buy it here.

Buy it here

Buy it here.

One of these is the winner... can you guess which? I also bought this hat, thinking the flower would be better than the first, but it was clearly horrible.

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