Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3

I didn't realize until I arrived to work that today is Picture Day, so I'm glad I dressed up a little bit in honor of the warm weather (it was in the upper 80s yesterday and the forecast is the same for today).  I love this dress; it's super duper comfy and I loved wearing it all summer with flip flops.  Since I can't wear flip flops to work, I went with my quickly becoming regular purple flats from Target.  I think I need to get a few more pairs of flats; red would have been fantastic here.

I saw these clip on earrings on clearance at Target and picked them up; they aren't super comfortable as earrings, probably because I'm not used to clip ons, but I thought they'd be great as a brooch.  The colors work perfectly with the purple in the dress, though I'm not sure about their size for a brooch here.  They might move to my ears for the picture.

As I mentioned, I had to go get my driver's license renewed the other day.  I've been feeling anti picture lately, with growing my hair out (bobby pins are again my best friends) and not having time to get my eyebrows done.  The license photo actually turned out pretty well, but yearbook photo day doesn't seem to hide these flaws.  

This dress is from Kohl's early this summer in their Daisy Fuentes line.
Earrings and shoes are from Target.
Denim jacket is super old Old Navy outlet.

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