Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Growing out the Pixie, Part 2

In October I decided to document my journey from pixie to below the shoulders.  This is the picture of the haircut after which I decided I was going to start growing out, in April 2013:

Here's the next 6 months worth of progress, after the first sixits 5th end of March 2014:months documented here.

November 2013:  
I had just gotten my haircut by a new stylist, who suggested the side bang.  I really liked it!
Here's my haircut as of November 7, about 7 months after the "I definitely decided to start growing out" picture, seen here:

December 2013:

I didn't get my hair cut at all in December, and it clearly looked scraggly, though I love the way it looks in the Christmas picture.

January 2014:
In January, I was starting to think about something new, and that I wouldn't make it to February as planned.  The doubt of should I just go short again is creeping in.

February 2014
I went to the same stylist in mid February as in November.  She was super excited about how great my hair is coming, and how much swing it has.  

I'm now 4 weeks beyond that cut.  I admired my yoga instructor's French braid on Saturday and on Monday admired my coworker's short and choppy cut.  Another colleague said my hair is getting longer, and I FEELS longer and more swingy.  But it also feels flat and blah.  I'm back to headbands and clips often and am starting to get frustrated.  I'm heading into mullet territory again, so i'm considering a short bob to change things up and also get rid of some of the bottom length.  Photo taken February 14 (I've now been growing for 10 months.  It's frustrating, but I've also tried to keep it clean and not too straggly.)

It's funny how quickly this cut grew out.  Looking back, it looks so sleek and smooth on the haircut day but now looks so choppy and, well, scraggly.  I keep pulling on it, and playing with the rough ends.  If only I had skills with a blow dryer!

Now its the end of March 2014:

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