Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another week, Another type

I may be a Type 3, Rich and Dynamic Woman.

I've tried Type 1, and it felt like I was faking. I tried Type 4, and I felt like it wasn't ok to be goofy.

So maybe I'm type 3. Why? Well, I have a good deal of the facial elements.

As you can see in the photo below (that guy is now 8.5!), I used to have a point in my eyebrow. It's since been threaded away. This, along with the swiftly rising eyebrow, is characteristic of Type 3; according to Carol Tuttle, ALL Type 3's have this trait (though other types have it too... sort of confusing). You can also see the triangular shape of my jaw, and the lines connecting my nostrils with the side of my mouth, which are more clearly defined in a Type 3.

I'm not sure what type my eyes are, since they seem to turn down at the corners...

I've analyzed my face a LOT in this process. It's kind of annoying.

With my current hairstyle, I am DEFINITELY not living my truth, as they say. I have kept it long out of laziness, and because of encouragement to do so by friends that I look so good in it. I've said before that I'm pretty sure I'm just a short haired kind of girl (I don't call myself a woman EVER, so maybe I'm Type 1 after all). At this point, I'm extremely hesitant to cut my hair because I don't want to be WRONG about my type.

But it's just hair; it will grow back.

But oh the money (Type 3's have a hard time spending money... I'm pretty sure I was raised this way since my dad sometimes seems like he survived the Depression)..

This resonated with me as I searched for Type 3 hairstyles. It's from Fabulous After 40.

  • "I am a very results-driven woman. I take action swiftly to make things happen and create a result.
  • I am a “Ready-Aim-Fire” person and can change focus quickly, but I always come back to unfinished tasks.
  • Type 3s are often called “intense” and “pushy.” Carol encourages us to embrace all the traits of our type and to use them to our advantage rather than see them as flaws. When a situation calls for someone who is a bit more aggressive and results-oriented, Type 3 women are your go-to gals.
  • Because Type 3s are so focused and often over commit, we become burned out by the many things we have going on at any one time."
I tend to think of myself as scatterbrained, another reason I think I could be T1. I pick things up and put them down...but forget where I put them when I need them. But that last bullet, about over-committing, totally and completely resonates. I often think I'm frazzled because I don't plan enough time for things, but really, it's because I try to do too many things at once.

So I tried Type 3. It's really tough since my hair is so off, and I don't really have any makeup to speak of. The ladies on the T3 unofficial board say the colors are great, but the pattern is off for a T3.



Rhoda Kindred - said...

Hi there. I found you on instagram while I was looking for dyttype3..... would you be able to share where I can find dyt unofficial boards at. I feel that I'm type 3, but just can't nail it down. It's extreamly easy for me to profile others, but not myself! Ps. After looking at all your pics.... I think type 3 look awesome on you... more natural....you look great!

CRS said...

Hi Rhoda, and thanks for your comments. If you search facebook for "T3-Honoring the Dynamic Woman" you should find it!

Rhoda Kindred - said...

Thanks so much!