Friday, January 15, 2016

The Great Pixie Grow Out

I looked through old posts and decided to post an update on my Pixie grow out process. It's not really a process at this point; my colleague who often commented on how long my hair is getting has officially stopped commenting!

Here's the entire series. Post 1 documented the first six months, Post 2 the second six months, Post 3 documented two years from a very short pixie, or 18 months from deciding to grow out.

Now, it's long. It's to midback. I haven't gotten it cut in I don't know how long (I know I didn't get around to an August/September back to school cut, and haven't cut it at all this school year.. it's raggedy and I need a trim!). It's almost three years since I decided to grow it, in April 2013.

Now, to determine what NEXT! 

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