Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I've been trying to find a great Type 3 green. While this camo works, it's really just not awesome for me. I need color.

I was excited to try these boots. I love them, they're so comfy and the moto feel makes me feel stylish. But they're black gray so they're not true. I've been searching for a leather paint color that will work. I'm afraid to pull the trigger on this... maybe I'm not a Type 3 after all... aren't they decisive? I so am not. Especially when it comes to spending money... because I AM a Type 3...

So I changed before leaving. A different sweater and necklace. Some blue and a different green (the one I need to find some tops in FOR SURE... I hope it's type 3 because it's lovely!
See how pretty the green is in the bracelet?

Then when I got to work, I put on my taller deep brown boots. These are actually part of my hesitation to purchase leather paint; I don't want to have boots in the same color! I have 5 different colors sitting in my cart right now....

Coincidentally, I received a reply on a DYT blog comment I made. The poster suggested that, without knowing anything else, this blog's title seems Type 3! What does that mean???

I'm feeling ready (but not ready, you know?) to send my T1 cards back. I'm feisty (it's my screenname after all). I took a dumb facebook quiz yesterday (Can we guess how tall you are?) and the results ring so true: "We believe you are 5'3" tall! You are a petite firecracker who uses your big personality to make up for what you feel you may lack in height. You are feisty, passionate, and an amazing individual."

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